Red Earth Mapping

lidar data processing for vegetation management, asset modeling and mapping

lidar data processing, point clouds and cloud portals

We represent Dielmo3D in Australia and more widely in Oceania. Dielmo3D is a global expert in the processing of lidar data for conductor modelling and vegetation management. Lidar surveys also enable end users to locate and correct errors in their GIS data. There are almost always some errors in GIS data compared to as-built infrastructure. Some things were not built as planned; some things were changed without updating the GIS data.

The use of lidar ensures you get a snapshot in a narrow timeframe. The use of algorithms ensures that there is consistency in the assessment, and removes subjectivity.

Three dimensional data accurate to within mm provides more insights than 2D imagery. Whether its forest modelling, assessing road visibility and safety, or flood modelling we have specialised processes that we developed in consultation with domain experts.

what we do

high quality lidar processing to deliver reliable results

Lidar Data Acquisition

With our network, we can arrange lidar acquisition for large and small projects.

Lidar Processing

We don't just process data, we give meticulous attention to accuracy. Almost every step in our customised processing chain is followed by a person doing quality assurance on the results.

We have a very large team ready to process large amounts of data.

Lidar Data Portals

Dielmo offers its exclusive server products for managing Lidar and GIS data for utilities. Make your data available across your organisation in a simple, intuitive way. Use the online tools for quick measurements.

Images Photogrammetry

Often image capture is part of a lidar project. We can process your imagery as well.

We also work with images to create point clouds. The cost is lower. Get in touch to talk over whether imagery or lidar is more suitable for your project.

Good projects achieve the balance between the essential results and the overall investment required.
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Example Projects

Train Corridors asset and vegetation mapping in corridors
Flood Mapping better modelling of landforms for better flood prediction
Server Technology storage and visualisation servers
Orthophotos We can produce orthophotos and contours.
Web Portals Make your data accessible across your organisation.
3D Vectorisation
3D Vectorisation Vectorisation and PLS CADD Modelling

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